Supporting employers who's staff may have fatigue or pain

We can support your business to enable an employee with a fatigue or pain condition to stay in work, return to work or, if necessary, end their employment in a professional manner

At Vitality360 we are equipped to provide you with a full specialist, bespoke rehabilitation package for your clients. We will assess their needs in an initial consultation and then provide you with a full report in which we will make our recommendations for a treatment plan. We will then demonstrate how we provide the experts you need, including a Careers Consultant who has worked in the field for 20 years, all ‘under one roof’ to deliver agreed outcomes for your client. 

I would say I jumped at the chance to have Vitality 360’s help with my ME/CFS. Except that in reality I couldn’t actually jump. Or walk, or do much of anything. Fast forward a year and they have helped me achieve the impossible - phasing back to work and getting my life back!

Rehabilitation programme ran for 14 months and at the start the client scored: General Health (EQ-VAS): 40/100 and at the end 70/100 and Fatigue (Chalder Fatigue Scale) was 33/33 at the start and 9/33 at the end. Client was off work with CFS/ME and over an 8-month period returned to work for 4x 6-hour days, and is planning to increase her hours to full time, following our active management rehab programme. This bespoke programme included activity management, sleep management, graded exercise therapy, vocational rehab and anxiety management.


Workplace Injury

Here we offer a summary of how we dealt with a case where a client was off work following an accident suffering with acute pain, limited mobility and PTSD symptoms. He had an income protection plan and in consultation with the insurance company and his employer we were able to support him to get back to activities he enjoys and he is now working 20 hours a week for the same employer.

We offer consultations via Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime or phone, face to face home visits or in our clinics.

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