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We focus on the whole person and the complete picture.

Advice for fibromyalgia

If you have a claimant with an income protection policy, we can help. We focus on the whole person and the complete picture. Our specialists will assess the current situation and make recommendations as to how a return to work can be achieved and maintained, whilst at the same time ensuring that the client’s health is maximised.

At Vitality360 we are equipped to provide you with a full specialist, bespoke rehabilitation package for your clients. We will assess their needs in an initial assessment and then provide you with a full report in which we will make our recommendations for a treatment plan

We will then demonstrate how we are the expert providers you need, including a Careers Consultant who has worked in the field for 20 years, all ‘under one roof’ to deliver agreed outcomes for your client. 

We can also provide a comprehensive assessment and report to assist you with TPD claims.

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Returning to work

70% success

70% of those who had a goal of returning to work on our programmes have done so in some capacity


We offer consultations via Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime or phone, face to face home visits or in our clinics

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